Ways to Wear Your Contemporary Kilt for Casual or Formal Occasions

Kilts are extremely cool, fashionable and comfortable enough to wear everyday for tough men. Thanks to the introduction of contemporary or utility kilts, they have become even more accessible and casual. It’s now possible to wear a kilt all year for any occasion without looking out of place, be it a wedding, a normal workday, or a trip toget the messages(a Scottish phrase that means "I'm doing the (grocery) shopping"). Here are suggestions on how to wear your kilt.



Daily Day Wear

Modern kilts (called utility kilts in America) are basically the same as the traditional kilts, but use more comfortable fabrics, like cotton and denim, and typically come in plain or solid colors. They are easy and comfy to wear (often not needing a belt and sporran), making them a very popular choice for daily use.

For everyday day wear, you can pair your kilt with a plain tweed jacket that compliments the color and design of the  kilt . You may wear a plain wool tie to go along with the jacket, or a plain leather sporran. Belts and buckles are highly recommended, although most utility kilts can be worn without it.

The sporran, toning kilt hose, flashes, and kilt pin may be worn as accustomed to, though modern kilts don’t really require them. The absence of these items, however, will make your you look very casual. Just be aware such informality might not be suitable for certain situations.

For footwear, plain brogue shoes are a great option, but you can substitute them for more casual footwear if you wish. It’s alright to include thesgian dubh(a knife that is traditionally part of the attire), just be mindful that you have it so you don’t end up giving it away at a security check.

Semi-Formal Wear

For semi-formal attire, a plain shirt, an Argyll jacket, a leather sporran, brogues, kilt hose, flashes, a kilt pin, and the sgian dubh are all required. If you’re attending a wedding, the tie is a must. A black Barathea five-button waistcoat is optional, but if you do decide to wear one, make sure you wear a belt. Some utility kilts may be worn for semi-formal events, but pick one that is still in good shape, you don’t want it to look like it just it just came back from war. Modern utility kilts like the ones offered by UT Kilts can be worn both formally and casually..

Evening Wear

You can wear your kilt with a coatee and vest, a dress sporran, or a black bow tie, and with tartan hose, flashes, kilt pin, and sgian dubh. For footwear, buckle or ghillie brogues are allowed. If you’re planning to wear a jacket, make sure that it matches your bow tie. Aside from an evening jacket, you can also opt for doublets, like a Kenmore Doublet or a vest. Traditional kilts can look very formal in a traditional sense but it you want to go with a uniquely modern look a black modern kilt with your tux will steal the show!


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