The Modern Kilt

Kilts and the Modern Men who Love Them

Being a modern man is no different today than it was 100 years ago. It is all about sticking to principle. Fashion, technology, architecture and even standards of protocol all evolve over time as do the ways in which a man carries himself in public. Being a modern man in the true sense of the word entails taking bits from the past that strike the individual as relevant and combining it with some modern-day elements. In the USA state of Utah one fashion element with a history that dates back as far as the 1720’s is slowly gaining popularity as a must-have fashion item: the kilt.

The modern man deviates from the traditional

Women have been wearing pants for decades with most people not seeing their choice as an issue, while men deviating from traditional shorts and trousers still raise eyebrows. Clothing is clothing, but when it is attached to gender prejudices, it can prove to be controversial. The Scottish or Celtic kilt is commonly accepted as traditional dress in Gaelic cultures and versions of it turn up often on the streets of major international cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City. The prejudice against men wearing kilts outside of Scotland has a lot to do with people’s general inability to accept gender fluidity in terms of fashion.

Why are kilts becoming sought-after fashion items globally?

The modern man is not afraid to stray away from society’s preconceived ideas pertaining to fashion and lifestyle and will wear a kilt with the same confidence that he seeks out assistance to lose weight with. People are at liberty to dress as they like which includes men of non-Gaelic decent choosing to wear kilts. ‘Dressed to Kilt’ is one of New York’s hottest fashion shows, highlighting just how popular the tartan clothing piece has become in the USA. To the West, in Utah, there are even restaurants wear the waiters don traditional kilts as part of their uniform.

Famous kilt-wearing modern men

Vin Diesel was one of the first male celebs to prove that wearing a kilt does not take away from your masculinity when he showed up at the 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards in a black leather kilt. Kanye West was spotted wearing his own interpretation of a leather kilt while performing at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C in November 2011. Even Donald Trump Jr, a self-proclaimed modern man, got in on the action for the 8th annual ‘Dressed to Kilt’ charity fashion show that was held at the M2 Ultra Lounge on 5 April 2010.

Kilt styles for the 21st century man

The days of kilts being limited to uninspiring tartan prints are long over with the modern man being spoilt for choice between utility kilts (that started out as an art project), sports kilts that are suitable for running, hiking and even team sports and the more traditional tartan show-pieces as worn in Scotland. Kilts are made in styles and colors to suit every personality, from bright reds and greens to more subdued grays and browns. How you accessorize your kilt is also entirely dependent on your own personal sense of style.