How To Wear A Quality Kilt For Fancy Dress Without Offending Anyone

How To Wear A Quality Kilt For Fancy Dress Without Offending Anyone


Kilts are a part of Scottish and Irish heritage and have a long tradition within the Celtic culture[1]. Kilts are usually worn as a way to proudly show off the pride you have for your nationality, as well as your family. Many organizations, including the Scottish and Irish military, have a tartan pattern that is considered theirs, so they should be worn with pride, even if it’s for a fancy dress party. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a good quality kilt [2] into your fancy dress outfit without offending anyone with a little thought and planning.


Pick the right kilt style


Tartan patterns often symbolize certain families [3] or can be used to represent organizations. In the past, it was considered disrespectful to wear someone else’s tartan and it would easily cause offense. This isn’t so much the case anymore, so you’ll usually be okay to wear any tartan design, as long as you do it respectfully. However, Scottish and Irish military kilts are usually only worn by service members or veterans. It would be poor taste to wear a military kilt if you are neither of these, particularly at a fancy dress party. Contemporary, utility and hybrid kilts are all good choices for fancy dress [4] as there’s little chance of offending anyone with these.


Don’t make a mockery


Wearing a kilt for fancy dress should really only be done if you’re doing it because you have an interest in the history and Scottish heritage behind them, and not just for a laugh, whether it’s lighthearted or not. Going to a fancy dress party in a kilt and behaving inappropriately could be deemed offensive, and not just by Scots. While most Scottish people will probably be offended, so will anyone with Scottish heritage, those with Scottish friends and anyone who understands the importance behind wearing a kilt. Follow the basic rules that apply to Scots, such as keeping your legs closed and being modest whilst you’re wearing your kilt.


Wear it well


Just because it’s a fancy dress party doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a kilt the way it’s intended to be worn. This mainly comes down to how it fits you. A kilt that is too short, tight, baggy or long could be mistaken for you mocking the Scottish [5]. It looks like you didn’t care enough to get a properly fitting one. Remember, kilts represent families, heritage and valued organizations and should be worn with pride. Always get a kilt that fits you well and, where possible, have one tailor-made for you so that it’s guaranteed to fit and represent the Scots well.


Kilts can be worn for fancy dress, providing you do it thoughtfully and respectfully. Follow the basic rules and etiquette. Always make sure your kilt fits you well as a sign of respect to the Scots.




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