Customizing Your Kilt Outfit To Blend Tradition With Modern Fashion

Customizing Your Kilt Outfit To Blend Tradition With Modern Fashion

Kilts are nothing new to Americans, and neither are the accessories that come with them. Jewelry and tokens of tradition have been a part of kilt wearing ever since the military period of the 1750s, according to the NPS, and that tradition has carried on today. Some pieces are more well known than others: for instance, the sgian-dubh, which has become synonymous with kilt-wearing. For those looking to secure a little of their heritage through a kilt, there are plenty of options to bringing an authentic and personalized touch to your own outfit.

Modern touches

For some, the inspiration will come in modern pieces. There is no need to shy away from modern jewelry when putting together a kilt-focused outfit; in fact, the Scottish Tartans Authority have outlined, and even encouraged, the practice. From the Victorian age onwards, ornate silver mountings and braiding of jackets have become commonplace, and are a legitimate part of the kilt getup when attending any sort of event. As such, you really can pick pieces from any background or fashion if they fit your overall design. Using newer pieces of jewelry can also help to complement the design of your overall outfit. Bright gemstones can reflect creativity, as can more unique and creative pieces like mood rings. Mood rings can help to reflect your own feelings and current mood, and can provide a great talking piece, as well as a source of color to complement your outfit.

Retaining class

The kilt is a time-honored garment that reflects hundreds of years of history. As such, any accessorizing you do take part in should be sensitive to this goal. Pieces can be colorful and eye-catching, but shouldn’t be ostentatious. The kilt is traditional wear, both for work and for relaxation, and today, that rings true as well. Jewelry should complement this purpose rather than hinder it. Pick pieces that work well with your overall outfit, even if they are not strictly traditional.

A modern choice

There are increasing options for kilt-wearers to enjoy truly historic, authentic jewelry. According to the UK's Guardian newspaper, a mine near Tyndrum, Scotland, recently struck gold – literally. As a result, there is now a plentiful supply of authentic Scottish gold that has already made its way to the jewelry industry. With commemorative and marketable gold coins already stamped and completed by the mine authorities, the future is bright for new and authentic jewelry. According to The Guardian, 25% of the total weight of gold mined has already been pre-emptively set aside for a cottage industry of Scottish jewelry makers. That means you will be able to purchase items that have history behind them, and which carry a true seal of proper Gaelic heritage. This doesn’t mean that you will be restricted to heritage designs; simply that you will be able to procure pieces that you can say, with certainty, are authentically Scottish.

When you accessorize, do so in a way that isn’t over-the-top. However, don’t restrict yourself entirely. The kilt is a highly personal affair, and any jewelry you opt for simply needs to reflect your personality, while paying homage to the heritage of the garment.