Tips & Tricks to a Great Fitting Kilt: Some Measurement and Fitting Tips You Need to Know When Shopping for a Kilt

Arguably, the trickiest part of shopping for a great quality kilt is getting it to fit just right. Just because you can put it on, doesn't necessarily mean that that it's the kilt you should be wearing whether it is to a formal wedding, a casual social gathering, or a tough man event. Kilts aren't like cheap jeans where a 'close enough' fit looks OK. A kilt that is fitted correctly just looks and feels right. Here's our biggest tips you'll want to remember when you're trying to size the perfect kilt.

Know Your Measurements

Getting your exact measurements isn't exactly rocket science but it's harder to do on your own. Trust us, you'll need someone to help you get the measurements right. You could even go to a local tailor who often will just measure you for free. However, you can just as easily do get good measurements at home with some help.
If you decided to do it at home, first you need a proper tailor's measuring tape - that's the flexible tape, not a ruler or a piece of string! This is a big point because a lot of you Dudes don't know what that is because we get asked all the time.

Next, take measurements of your waist, seat and length carefully and write them down after each measurement. Don't try to remember all the measurements before you write them down. Even though the increased circulation from wearing a kilt will help improve your memory, write it down because you'll end up forgetting and even writing it down incorrectly.

Of course, one go at it will not be nearly enough if you are shooting for accuracy. Remember what you learned in shop class, “measure 3 times and cut once.” So retake your measurements. Once you are certain that you have the correct numbers, then and only then choose your size and order. Note: keep the measurement somewhere that you'll be able to find or remember where you put them for your next purchase. Unless you gain some girth these measurements will make it easier to find your correct size of kilt the next time you visit us at UT Kilts.

Go Try On Your Kilt

Now, that you have the right fitting kilt, in theory, from your measurements. Try on your kilt to make sure that it fits right. There's nothing worse than “Plumbers Kilt”!

Like any garment each material and pattern fits a little different. Good measurement's should get you pretty close to the perfect fit. However when you get your kilt try it on to see if it needs some alteration now rather than realize it later when you're already wearing past the point of no return on its madden voyage. Remember that “Plumbers Kilts” is not cool. This is also the best time to try on any other piece of garment or accessory you are going to be wearing with your new kilt. Perhaps you want to try a tartan kilt hose (socks) with a different pattern or a jacket with a different style to change the look.

At any rate if your new kilt doesn't fit because its too big you can wash it to bring it down a bit or if you're too big then you probably measured wrong. Don't worry if you ordered from us just call us for an exchange!

Get Comfortable

Like any new article of clothing give it a little time to break in and conform to you so make sure you remember the consider the “new” factor when you dawn your new kilts. Put your kilt on, take some time to get comfortable. Stand up, sit down, do some squats and basically simulate anything you would be doing while wearing the kilt. If you find something causing some discomfort while you are testing your new kilt, it might need adjustments.
Enjoy your new kilt!


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