Thoughts on Returns/Exchanges for Online Retailers

UTKilts thoughts on returns/exchanges for online retailers


Recently I was invited to a webinar to help show how sellers on Amazon could sell their items in Europe. I have always thought about having kilts for sale in that part of the world. During the seminar one of the things the presenter said really caught my ear. She said that in order to account for higher costs on returns on the items you sell, you need to raise the price accordingly. I really thought that was an interesting thing to say. Here are some thoughts I have had on this subject since I heard it said on that webinar several weeks ago.

My first thought/question was this: Do all sellers do this on Amazon or any other online store for that matter? My follow up question to that is this: Why do I have to pay more for an item because someone else might return it? After thinking about this question and doing some research, I realized the answer to my first question was yes. Most online retailers, especially on Amazon, raise prices to account for returns. Even if you don’t return the item, you are going to pay for someone else’s return. That irritates me quite a bit. I do not like the idea of subsidizing someone else’s actions. Just does not seem right or fair to charge me extra because someone else will return the item.

UTKilts is different in this respect. All the prices on our kilts have stayed pretty much the same for the past 6 years. Our prices do not include a surcharge for possible returns on our kilts. Here at UTKilts we have a simple returns policy. If it was our mistake, then we pay for return shipping back to us and then shipping back to you. If you the customer made the mistake, all you are responsible for is shipping back to us. No restocking fees or extra shipping fees will be required. We cover the shipping back to you. Does this cost us more money? Yes, quite a bit actually. However, we feel that is what is honest and fair for everyone. At UTKilts you know you are going to get the price of the kilt, nothing more. Does not matter if it’s a utility kilttraditional kiltsporran, or any other item. No extra costs are built into our prices to cover someone else’s mistakes.

So what are you waiting for? If you have never bought from UTKilts before, go ahead and do it with confidence. If you end up needing to exchange or return the item, you know we have you covered. We guarantee that UTKilts will offer you the best price on utility kiltstraditional Scottish kilts, and all the accessories. Plus, with a lifetime warranty on all the metal pieces on either of those kilts, you have the peace of mind that your kilt will last for years to come.