The Rise of Stylish Scottish Kilts with Everyday Functionality

The humble kilt has a long-standing history, as colorful and as sturdy as its Scottish roots. Fast forward to the 21 stcentury, however, and it’s now evolved into something that’s not only practical and utilitarian but also fashionable.

What is a Kilt?

Kilts are designed with vertical pleated tartan cloth. Originally a traditional dress for Scottish men and women, it covers all the way to the knee. It is worn as a wrap-around, secured by straps and buckles on both ends. Traditional, typical kilts are commonly made of twill woven worsted wool. It can use up as much as 6 to 8 yards of single-width cloth, while a double-width tartan fabric can get about 3 to 4 yards.

Modern-Day Kilts

Modern designers such as UT Kilts have been reviving the interest in these manly skirts. Plaids and pleats have been the dominant style until recently when uniquely functional and creative designs have emerged and become popular. Accessories are used more liberally, and patch designs are also included.

Even with everyday fashion, kilts have become a lot more in demand, which would explain the rise in the number of kilts for sale around the internet. The more interesting part, though, is how this highly culturally identified piece of clothing has now spanned cultures, with folks from varying backgrounds getting in on the trend.

Practical Application

More than it simply being a fashionable must-have, however, there are also utility kilts available for the multifunctional wearer. These utility kilts are designed specifically to make it easier for the active wearer to move around, even with tools and tech. Think cargo pants, but as kilts.

If you’re into having a more functional use for kilts, then you can try getting them from manufacturers and retailers such as UT Kilts. Because of the functionalities expected from utility kilts, they are designed to be specifically strong and sturdy. You can also use other accessories to make it all the more functional, such as a sporran or belts with stronger buckles.

Whatever your reason may be for preferring to buy and wear kilts, there’s no denying that this is fast becoming a popular trend, and one which may last beyond being just a fad, if not already. As with any fashions, however, you’d want to make sure to get your money’s worth, so make sure to only get your items from reliable and credible suppliers.


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