Sport and Cargo Kilts for Sale: A Fashion Trend Beyond Cultural Heritage

One of the coolest things Scotland brought to the world is their famous knee-length skirt for men, usually made of pleated tartan cloth – the traditional kilt. Although men customarily wore them, changes in fashion trends have seen women and girls proudly sport kilts too.

Evolution in the design of the garment brought them to a whole new level today with kilts that are considerably lighter and feature deeper pockets, which make them cooler and more comfortable for casual or formal activities.Sport and cargo kilts are not only convenient and representative of the traditional Scottish heritage, they also offer health benefits too, especially for men.

According to a research conducted by the Department of Intensive Care, Erasmus MC University Medical Centre, in The Netherlands, and featured on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, men who regularly wear these knee length kilts are actually in a better position to conceive children due to their higher fertility and better sperm quality. So if you are planning on having children soon, wearing kilted skirts maybe be a game changer.

Another reason to kilt up is to be properly geared up for the annual Highland Games across the US held at locations and different dates. For instance, the games in Atlanta, Georgia are scheduled for 16 th October, while those for Columbus, Indiana are held in late September. These games are usually packed full of activities ranging from musical competitions to the more rigorous athletic events that are reminiscent of authentic Scotland games.These events are usually great family events and even have some activities for children.

It’s a great weekend getaway for the entire family where you all get to be Scottish. What better way to represent their culture than to dress the part? Cargo and sport kilted garments are usually much more comfortable because they are made from lighter materials like cotton, making them machine washable and generally easier to maintain. So you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty as you toss the caber, or do the hammer throw.

If you are currently looking for high quality and affordable kilts for sale, look no further than trusted suppliers like UT Kilts. They offer a wide variety of products including the necessary accessories, sporrans, hose flashes, belts and buckles. There is a large number of tartans and is a great resource to get outfitted.


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