More than Just Manly Skirts: Kilts A Sign Of True Manliness

Scottish men aren’t the only ones wearing these manlykilts—a lot of men all over the world are now ditching pants and opting for kilts. And they aren’t just being worn as a fashion statement—many men today are wearing them as every-day wear, because they like them. One area in particular is with men who perform tough anddirty jobs. Perhaps it’s because kilts impart to any man with the stones to dawn one, a strengthened sense of manliness. Ironically, there are numerous scientific studies say this is so.

Psychological Benefits of Kilts

In a 2013 study published in the Scottish Medical Journal, researchers studied and researched the effects of kilt-wearing among a population of men. They noted that men wearing a kilt tend to have strong feelings of masculinity and pride, adding that other people, both men and women tend to easily notice kilt-wearing men wherever they go.

Terrified of wearing kilts?Don’t be. Kilts uniquely and definitively have the ability to proclaim masculinity, and wearers should be proud to put one on. The 2013 study noted that wearing a kilt, whether it be traditional, or a modern utility kilt, even attracts positive attention from women.

Men in the Army Wore Them

Kilts are more than just a bold fashion statement, for they can also be worn in many tough situations, including combat. During the First World War, for instance, a number of U.S. soldiers, especially those of Scottish and Irish descent, wore kilts during warfare. Though military personnel now wear standard uniforms during operations, kilts are still widely used during formal ceremonies.

Other Types of Kilts

Typically, kilts are made of wool and are designed in a tartan pattern,though synthetic fabrics like acrylic and polyviscose are available. Traditional kilts are typically the plaid ones you’ve seen worn by Scottish men and are made only by skilled craftsmen using materials of the highest quality. Casual and fashion kilts, on the other hand, are modern versions of the traditional kilt with styles and material more common in cotton and poly material blends to make modern day camouflage, cargo pants, and utility grade materials.

If you want a kilt that you can wear for your day job, go with utility kilts. These are specifically designed for men who perform high functional and heavy-duty tasks on a regular basis. Utility kilts even come with a number of pockets that can hold just about anything you would need, including tools, supplies, phones and wallets. Get the perfect blend of functionality and manlinessby going withmodern utility kilts.

You’re not limited to utility kilts, however, for you can also go for sport or cargo kilts, depending on your needs. You can find a wide range of choices of these functional kilts to give your manliness a boost from shops like UT Kilts.


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