Just Wear The Kilt! Forget about everything else.

Just Wear The Kilt!


So I had an experience a few weeks ago that I wanted to share. It really helped remind me of why I wear kilts, utility kilts or traditional kilts, and what I should really worry or think about when wearing one.

I went to church this particular Sunday wearing a kilt I had never worn before. It had been hanging up in my closet for I don’t know how long. I decided to wear it since it had been there so long and my wife had been asking me why it was there if I don’t wear it. Once I strapped the kilt on I realized something was off about this kilt.

This kilt was just not made right. I really can’t remember where I got it. It had been quite some time since I had received it (especially since my wife was reminding me of how I had not worn it). First, the pleating was just not right. I knew it was a lower yardage kilt, but it was a lot less than what I thought. The front apron did not hang right which made the buckles end up in the wrong place. It just looked plain wrong (see the attached video)

I decided to wear it anyways. I dressed it up nice with a sporran and shirt and tie. We got there slightly late so a lot of people saw my family and I come in. The service was fine and once it was over I got up to leave. Someone from behind me came up and complemented me on how awesome the kilt was. He just though it was really cool that a guy would wear a kilt to church. I was really surprised by the comment since I had never had anyone comment on any of my kilts before. After we talked for a few minutes, we went our separate ways. However, it made me really think about why I wear kilts

This gentlemen reminded me that I wear kilts because they are awesome and are super comfortable. A lot of us get caught up in making sure that every single pleat and every single piece of the kilt hangs a certain way and looks just right. I would do that pretty often. This guy showed me that it is really not about that. It is more about wearing something you like and enjoying it! He did not know that this kilt was the worst looking kilt I owned. All he knew was that it was awesome to see someone wearing one.

Does this mean I or you should not care at all about what we look like? No, of course not. What I am saying is maybe worry a little less about how you look and just enjoy the experience. Wearing a kilt is about being comfortable right? Then forget about everything else and just enjoy the comfort of your kilt!

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