Health and Fashion: Why a Stylish Kilt Deserves Space in Your Wardrobe

Some medical studies report a noted decline in men’s sperm count globally, with some studies saying the decrease has been as much as half over recent decades. Apart from unhealthy habits, radiation from gadgets, and genetic predisposition, men’s tight pants and everyday underwear are among the factors cited to be contributing to the less than ideal reproductive health state among men. In extreme cases, those suffocating garments might even cost men their progeny.

Sperm cells are highly sensitive and need a cool environment to thrive. According to a study published in the Scottish Medical Journal in 2013, tight-fitting pants can raise scrotal temperatures, which may harm or even kill sperms to the point of infertility.

Additionally, as reported in  Medical News Today, a study conducted by TENA Men showed that wearing constricted clothing could also result in other health problems, such as urinary tract infection and over-activity of the bladder. Given these potential adverse effects, some experts advise men to avoid wearing tight clothing often. Furthermore, the study published by the Scottish Medical Journal says there is “anecdotal evidence” which shows that  wearing a kilt improves sperm viability, leading to increased fertility.

Other advocates of kilt-wearing say that kilts actually allow men to be more in touch with their masculinity and a sense of freedom. They also say men who wear kilts may garner more positive attention from members of the opposite sex as they tend to display more manly confidence.

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To uninformed and experienced utility kilt wearers, kilts may look peculiar at first. Anyone who knows Scottish history, however, knows that a kilt is also the symbol of a proud heritage, recalling the heroics of brave Scottish men who went to war for their country. Moreover, kilts should find room in men’s wardrobes, not only for the tradition and style they bring, but also for their many health benefits.

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