Complete the Look: Kilt Accessories for Formal and Casual Occasions

The  kilt is a traditional knee-length garment worn by men in the Scottish Highlands of the 16 th century. The kilt is usually worn in formal or sporting events, and often even in everyday occasions. Today, the kilt is seen as one of the national symbols of Scotland and is worn together with a variety of different accessories. A kilt outfit may include the following accessories:


The type of the jacket you should wear will be dependent on the occasion. For formal events like weddings, the most popular choice of jacket is the Prince Charlie jacket or the “coatee”. It is a tailed jacket with satin lapels and cuffs, normally worn with a three button waist coat. For everyday wear, a casual Argyle jacket would suffice.


The sporran is an essential accessory to  kilts. It is a pouch worn around the waist as part of the outfit. There are many different styles to choose from, all classified into three categories: leather day-wear, semi-dress, and the full-dress sporran.

The leather day-wear can be worn for informal events and other casual day-to-day activities. The semi-dress sporran, normally covered with fur and featuring a more traditional appearance, can be worn in sporting events or daytime weddings. The full-dress sporran is the most proper-looking, worn only on the most formal or solemn occasions.

Sgian Dubh

The sgian dubh is a ceremonial knife that is tucked in a kilt hose traditionally used by men in battle. In modern times, its purpose is to serve only as an ornament in the kilt outfit. Sgian dubhs vary in style and the most popular of these are the full dress, backwood handled, and carved handle designs. In choosing a sgian dubh, one would need to determine if the event to be attended is formal or casual.

Kilt Flashes

Kilt flashes are pieces of fabric displayed on either side of the hose, held in place by a garter. Today, it is increasingly becoming popular for people to match their flashes to their kilts. Well-chosen kilt flashes help give the outfit more color and greater appeal.

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