How to properly make a kilt from UT Kilts

A lot goes into make just one kilt from UT Kilts.  In this video we show you several specific areas of the making of our kilts that set us apart from everyone else.  If you are going to have a strong, long lasting kilt these things, among many others, have to be done.  You will only find them at UT Kilts

How To Make A UTKilt Utility Kilt

Hi my name is Brice with UTkilt and in this video we're going to show you how to
properly make a UTkilt.

There has been a lot of copies of our utility kilts that we have come out with over the years and pretty much none of them have the quality that we have in our kilt.

We're going to show you, in this video, what specifically goes in into each kilt that makes it so much better than everyone else and what makes it so difficult to copy and replicate.

First, let's take a look at the kind of fabric that should be used in a rugged kilt.

Here we have the standard modern utility kilt which sells for $50.

It's our basic kilt, we're going to compare it with another kilt that was quite a bit more money.

It's hard to see on camera the differences in fabric but a good way to tell the quality and strength of the fabric is when you hold it up to the light, the light won't come through whereas in this other brand of kilt, when you do that, the light actually does shines straight through the fabric.

Our fabric is super durable, super-tough and will hold up to just about anything.
You just can't get this kind of quality at any place.

Here's the kilt of a competitor, as I mentioned before this kilt never actually shows up to the person that is actually
selling it, it goes to a fulfillment center.

The seller would have no idea what this kilt is like or what the fabric is like.

I wish you could see the difference in fabric here and how much lighter this
particular kilt is compared to our standard utility kilt at UTKilts.

This is one of their better kilts that they have so the first big differences between our kilt and someone else’s is, if you're going to make a copy, use the right kind of fabric.

This stuff I can hold up to the light and I can see straight through it!

This will be worn out less than a year.

The second thing we're going to look at is the hardware on the kilt.

On our standard utility kilt we have snaps, belts and buckles and we are using the highest quality hardware you can find.

That's why we warranty it for the lifetime of the kilt.

If it breaks we will send out replacement snaps no matter how old the kilt is, in fact, several months ago I sent one out for a kilt that was over five years old!

That was the first issue a customer had with hardware since we’ve been in business, a snap.

You can see you can really undo these quickly.

They are easy to snap and un snap, these are not going to break, they can take a lot of wear and tear.

If we turn it around and we look at the buckle straps and buckles, again theres are solid pieces of hardware.

If you look at the sewing that goes into keeping these on here, they are not going to come off.

This is how you make sure that if you make you're out kilt or copy our, you have to have these buckles and straps that they don't
come undone with just the slightest amount of pressure.

Looking at this particular kilt from this competitor, its design is slightly differently, which creates a few issues with the metal clips.

They have clips that click on the D-ring's this allows them to avoid doing any sewing to the pocket to actually keep the pocket attached to the kilt, so what this means is that in order for this to work on their kilt, they have to have solid hardware.

Unfortunately this particular one does not, if I can easily just pull the clip apart like this, basically you can do it on the other clips too its that bad.

There is our competitors kilt and what happens when you use inferior hardware.

This particular kilt from our competitor is of course is not even warrantied.

I want you to take a look at the piece I just pulled off with one pull of the hand.

How quickly you can snag stuff on your pocket, your pocket would fall right off with just one little snag.

That's why at UTKilt we use the highest quality hardware (its not cheap) and we warranty it for life so that if you needed a new
replacement you could get one easily.

Now let's take a look at the last part how to copy a UTKilt: the sewing.

Now we're going to focus on the pleat on the back of the kilt.

As you can see the two cargo pockets here in the middle of the back of the kilt, right in the middle.

This is where the pleats come together.

The sewing is obviously important in all different parts of the kilt but we're going to look at this
particular part as this is one of the big areas where kilts fail, break, or rip!

Other modern utility kilts have tried to copy what we do specifically.

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