St. Patrick's Day Kilt Guide

During February and March of every year lots of different questions come up about what to wear. In this guide we will take you through what is typically worn and generally accepted for St. Patrick's day. This has been updated for 2022.

Tartan or Solid


1. Irish tartan for an Irish holiday.

Many that end up with a tartan do prefer one of the Irish tartans that we sell. The Irish tartans look like a traditional tartan pattern, but with the dominant color being green. This dominant green color in the tartan is the look many are wanting when going out to a parade or other St. Patrick's Day events.

2. Tartans - General green based tartans

Interestingly, the Scottish national tartan is the second most popular tartan during this time of year. The classic Black Watch tartan comes in a close 3rd and the beautiful NYC tartan rounds them out. Beyond the obvious of these tartans having green in them, we think there is another reason people like them. Those that are of Scottish, not Irish, decent still want to wear a kilt during the holiday. These tartans (and many others) give them that opportunity, while still recognizing the fact that they may not have Irish ancestry.

3. Non-green tartans acceptable?

Of course they are! While many people go to themed events that require something green based, not every even is like that. Many times just a regular kilt in any tartan is perfectly acceptable. It will really depend on the event you are going to. Remember: Any color tartan kilt will look better than just putting on a green shirt or hat!


1.In stock and ready to ship

While not as popular as our tartan kilts, the solid green color kilts are still in high demand this time of year.  Some prefer the solid color utility style kilts over the tartans due to their availability in our warehouse.  All of our utility styles, from Standard to Ultimate, are in stock in the olive green and ready to ship out same or next business day.  This includes our poly-cotton, ripstop, and 100% cotton fabrics. This makes it simple and easy to get a green kilt for the holiday.  Plus, with options like the Ultimate utility kilt, you can get a super comfortable kilt very quickly.

2. Beyond St. Patrick's Day

While we feel you can wear your kilt anytime of year, some prefer the solid olive green utility kilts because of their versatility before and after the holiday.  For some the solid color is very easy to match existing shirts, socks, and other items to the kilt.  This includes really dressing it up for the holiday and then the following summer using it as a work kilt in the yard.  The versatility of our utility kilts can not be understated.

Traditional vs. Utility: Which should you choose?

Most people, before choosing what they want to wear, ask what others wear for St. Patrick's day. The most common one we see is the utility style (either tartan or solid). We believe this is due to their versatility. This includes having built in pockets and easy cleaning. Most St. Patrick's day parties are not formal get togethers so having a utility style kilt makes sense.

This does not mean that traditional kilts are not worn or not even common to see. You definitely will see many in their traditional style kilts. With many of these being made from 100% wool, you do have to be a bit more careful as cleaning is not as simple as throwing the kilt in the washing machine and hanging it out to dry.

The best way to determine what is best for you is ask yourself these questions:

1. What type of event am I going to? (formal, informal, etc.)

2. Where will it be held?

3. Will I want something that is simple and more versatile or something more traditional looking?

4. Is getting spilled on or stained a possibility?

Those can help you determine which style of kilt would be best.

REMEMBER: This kilt is for YOU. You should wear what is most comfortable and looks best for you. Just forget about everything else!