Sell for less

How UT Kilts can sell for less

 You may or may not have noticed, but UT Kilts has the best price just about anywhere on utility kilts and traditional kilts.  Not only that, but we offer accessories for both that will not only not break the budget, but will be the the lowest you can find.  There are several reasons why we have the best kilts for lowest price.  

First, we eliminate the so called "middle man".  Everytime that phrase is thrown around, many of us are not sure what that exactly means.  Well, for UT Kilts in means this:  

  • We design these kilts.  
  • We help supervise their production.  
  • We store them in our own location.
  • We ship them straight from us to you

Many companies that sell utility or traditional kilts will have most of those done by a 3rd party.  Large wharehousing companies do most of the work.  Not at UT Kilts.  My family and I are the ones that do everything from design to shipping.  This keeps our costs down, which in turn gives you the lowest price possible for the best quality kilt.  Do not underestimate how much of the cost of the kilt of those "other" places includes those things and is passed onto you!  

 Second, we are not out to make as much money as possible in the littlest amount of time as possible.   If that were the case, our prices would be much higher than they are now.  We know that by keeping the price low, we make these kilts affordable to everyone.  That means you won't just buy one or even two, but several different ones.  Does that mean we make a little less than everyone else?  Yes, it does.  But that is something we are always willing to do to have a quality, affordable kilt for anyone that wants one. 

 So, what are you waiting for?  You know UT kilts has the best prices around.  Take a look around at what we offer.  We know you will be suprised and amazed at the low prices we have on great utility and traditional kilts.