Lifetime Warranty UTKilts

UTKilts is proud to now offer a lifetime warranty on all the metal hardware of any of our utility kilts or traditional Scottish kilts.

What does this mean for you?
 At any point, during the life of your kilt, UTKilts will send out replacement hardware at no cost to you.  This includes anything that is metal on your kilt like snaps, eyelets/grommets, buckles, etc.  All you have to do is use our contact form here.  We will look up your order and send out whatever replacements you need the same or next business day.  It is simple and easy and no questions asked.  As long as we can find your original order you will get whatever hardware you need.

How is UTKilts able to do this?  
Here at UTKilts we believe we have the best constructed and highest quality kilts available at the lowest prices (check out our articles on qualityand price).  Since we sincerely believe that, we thought it best to back that up with a warranty that is non-existent in the kilt industry.  

What else is covered?  
Nothing else is covered under our limited lifetime warranty. Only metal parts of the kilts are covered

Do I send the kilt back to UTKilts for repair?
No, we typically do not do the repairs.  However, just about any of the items that might need to be replaced are fairly easy to do.  In fact, any additional tools you might need can be found usually for around 5 dollars or less.  

Are prices going to increase because of this?
 Nope!  We have had the same prices on 90 percent of our items ever since we started business over 6 years ago.  We will continue to offer the lowest prices, but with an amazing warranty now as well.