How to measure for a kilt when it is a surprise or gift

Getting a kilt as a surprise or a gift? Not sure what size to order?  Check out this video to get detailed advice on how to measure and get the right fit.

In this video we are going to show you how to measure for a kilt if you are not able to physically measure the person. That is the best way to know what kilt to get and if it is at all possible to do, we recommend doing so. However, we understand that sometimes kilts are given as gifts and you don’t want to spoil the surprise. This video will show you the next best way to figure out the size of the kilt without measuring the person. This will work for both our utility style kilts and our traditional Scottish kilts

If you have a pair of pants or shorts, you can follow the instructions here:

  1. Lay the pants or shorts flat with the button or snap done up.
  2. Make sure the pants or shorts are as flat as you are able to get them
  3. Measure from one side to another and then double the amount you get.

If you are not able to measure the person or a pair of their pants, follow this sizing guide:

(Remember, this is just a guess and it may or may not be accurate for them)

  1. Utility Style: Go 2 sizes up. For example: A size 40 pants would get a size 44 utility kilt.
  2. Traditional Style: Go 1 size up. For example: A size 40 pants would get a size 42.

While these methods will get you a more accurate way to determine sizing that just guessing or ordering on pants size (which never works), it is still just a guess. The only way to truly determine size is by measuring the person. Therefore, we highly recommend ordering what is in stock. Any listing that is titled “Special Order” is not one that you will want to use. Those cannot be returned and must be ordered using actual, physical measurements.

However, all of our in stock kilts, if they do not fit, can easily be returned/exchanged. All you have to do is follow our return instructions here to make a return/exchange:

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: