Highest quality kilts

We have the highest quality kilts available.
I am sure you have heard the old saying “You get what you pay for”.  That phrase is thrown around a lot, especially in the world of kilts.  I believe it is how many justify selling their kilts for 3-4 times the amount that they should.  Some people have even bought into this idea that you have to pay a lot for things to get good quality.  I have found these are the same people that buy the cheapest washing machine, pair of shoes, and the lowest price shirts they can find.  It seems that with some, apparently a low price is ok in certain areas.  But when it comes to a kilt, it has to be a lot of money, right?  NO! 

Well, at UT Kilts, we have never believed that to get a great quality kilt you have to break your budget for the next 6 months.  That was one of the reasons we started this company.  We wanted solid, durable kilts for an affordable price.  We did not think that was too much to ask.  This is how we did it.

We have designed each and every one of our kilts.   There are a lot of copies of our designs, but we can prove that we were the first to sell them.  Since we designed each kilt from the beginning, we can make sure that the quality is only the best.  Whether it is the Standard or the Ultimate, each kilt was designed to last.  Why else would even our entry level utility kilt, the Standard, be used for some of the most grueling obstacle races around?

We also have a very prominent role in production of our kilts.  Although not made here in the USA, we are very close to manufacturer of our kilts.  I speak to him regularly to make sure that all our kilts are being made consistently so that we know they will last you a long time.  With other companies purchasing UT Kilt knockoffs overseas, you know you are not going to get the quality and durability that comes with a UT Kilt.  Most of those companies are so called “middlemen”.  They never even see the kilt.  They go straight to a fulfillment center and then to the poor, unlucky customer that chooses to buy one.  You can rest assured that our kilts are manufactured with the highest quality in mind.

We wear the kilts and get direct feedback from our customers.  Over the years changes have been made.  Some, with what we have noticed; but most based on feedback from you, our customers.  We want the best kilts around.  To do that, we have listened to anyone that has had an idea on how to improve our kilts.  Over the years, that has allowed us to continue to perfect our design.  Remember, a great design is essential to a quality product. 

So what are you waiting for?  We have the lowest price and highest quality utility kilts and traditional kilts around.  We have just about any accessory you might want.  Don’t hesitate any longer.  Go and buy yourself a new UT Kilt.  You will not be disappointed.