Deciding which kilt is best for you

Which kilt is best for you?
Utility kilt or traditional?  Standard or standard II?  Acrylic or wool?  If you are unsure of what kilt to get, take a look at this video.  It will give you a brief and informative introduction to both our utility kilts and our traditional Scottish kilts.  You will have all the knowledge you need to make the right decision, whether it is your 1st kilt or your 5th.

Hi!  It is Brice with UT Kilts.  In this video we describe the differences between utility kilts and traditional kilts.  This will help you decide which one is best for your situation.

Utility kilts

At UT Kilts we have several different utility kilts available.  They are the Standard, Standard II, Deluxe, Ultimate, and the wild. 

Standard and Standard II
They have two side cargo pockets only.  The Standard II does differ from the Standard in that it does not have the side buckle straps and has 3 snaps on the front apron.

Like the standard, it has 2 side cargo pockets.  It also has the side buckle straps, 2 back pockets, and 5 snaps on the front apron.  These come with chrome hardware, with the except of the Deluxe blackout which has black.

This has all the features of the Deluxe except with a few changes.  It does not have the side buckle straps and only has 3 snaps on the front apron (nonfunctional).  This is because there is a hidden pocket under the front apron.  It also has slash pockets above the cargo pockets as well as a comfort waist band built into the waist to allow expandability and adjustability to the kilt.

This kilt was built for the outdoors.  It has removable pockets, slash pockets above the cargo pockets, plus clips and D-rings all around the kilt.  This kilt uses a Velcro waist instead of the typical snap waist.  The cargo pockets are large and expandable and can hold lots of different things.


Traditional Scottish Kilts

UT Kilts carries two different kinds of these kilts.  One is a wool fabric and the other is an acrylic fabric.  There is no difference in the quality or how these are made.  The only difference is the material that is used.  Wool is the more traditional fabric to make a kilt from.  However, for those that are on a budget or need something for activities you would not want to use wool in, the acrylic is a great option.  They both come with the traditional 3 adjustable buckles and the fringed apron.  Traditional kilts also need several different accessories like a sporran or kilt hose for them to work properly.