CLEARANCE! The Athlete Black Workout Kilt - 36x21
CLEARANCE! The Athlete Black Workout Kilt - 36x21
CLEARANCE! The Athlete Black Workout Kilt - 36x21
CLEARANCE! The Athlete Black Workout Kilt - 36x21
CLEARANCE! The Athlete Black Workout Kilt - 36x21
CLEARANCE! The Athlete Black Workout Kilt - 36x21

CLEARANCE! The Athlete Black Workout Kilt - 36x21

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Size chart

How to measure for a kilt

For Men's or Women's Kilts

Follow the following guide based on measuring from the video:

Standard and Deluxe Utility Kilts:
Order the size measured.  If you are in between sizes, you can order up for a loose fit or down for a more snug fit.  Each kilt has an extra set of snaps to go up and down 1 inch in size.

Wild Outdoor/Wilderness Utility Kilts:
 Order the size measured.  If you are in between, you can order the size down or up since the Velcro waist is adjustable.

Ultimate Utility Kilts: Order the size measured.  If you are in between, you will want to order the size down (37 waist would go down to 36)

Athlete Utility Kilts:
Order size measured.  If you are in between sizes you can order a size down or a size up because of the velcro waist.


If you follow our measuring video in the videos section below, you will get a kilt that fits.  However, if for whatever reason it does not, UT Kilts has the best and easiest return policy.

How to measure for a kilt with out measuring the waist. 

Use this when giving a gift or other situation where you are not able to measure their waist.

When you are measuring a pair of pants to determine sizing, it should be around 3-4 inches bigger than what the jeans size says (some sizes closer to 30 are only 2 inches bigger).  You should only use this option as a last resort if personally measuring the person is not possible.  DO NOT USE THIS OPTION IF YOU CAN MEASURE YOURSELF.  Save yourself the time and just do it right the first time!

If for some reason you are just not able to measure anything, you can make a good guess at which size they would need.  I would go up two sizes if guessing, i.e. 40 will go to a 44 size kilt.  This is only a guess and does not replace at least trying to measure, if possible.

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Waist size 36 x length 21.  New, no problems

All clearance sold as is.  Returns are subject to restocking fees

"The Athlete" kilt from UT Kilts is the ultimate kilt for athletes of any level. This kilt was made for the toughest workouts out there. Whether you are running, competing in obstacle races or mud runs, or just completing your daily workout the Athlete Workout Kilt is perfect for any activity. The Athlete uses a material made from polyester and spandex. It is similar to other workout fabrics, but slightly different to handle the unique nature of our kilts. Not only is it extremely durable, but the material we use has plenty of stretch and give to give you the most comfortable workout. This material is a quick-dry fabric for those times where water is your obstacle. A Velcro waist allows you to adjust the kilt to the exact size needed for the activity you are using it for. This means the best fit no matter what activity you are doing, from running to weight lifting. There is also not a single metal snap or piece of hardware on the entire kilt which gives even more comfort during the most grueling times of your exercising. The Athlete comes with two slash pockets to hold your personal items before and after your workout. The Athlete is the total package for a workout kilt. Don't hesitate to get yours as it will be perfect for your run, WOD, race, or other physically demanding activity.

Features Include:

  • Velcro waist for the perfect fit
  • 2 Large slash pockets
  • Lightweight polyester/spandex material for superb comfort
  • No metal snaps or hardware anywhere on the kilt
  • All sizes have 23" drop


You must following the sizing guide that is located in the size chart above.


Because this item is a clearance, it is sold as is. Any returns will be subject to restocking fees.

This items is for the waist size and length stated. There are no customizations available for this kilt as it is premade and ready to ship.

Typical shipping is 2-3 days (though it can take up to 5 in some rare cases). Optional 2 day and overnight shipping is available. Prices can be seen in your cart or at checkout.  If you need overnight delivery for Saturday, please reach out to us directly using our contact page.